How to Style Every Pair of Shorts


Growing up in sunny L.A., shorts were a mainstay in my wardrobe. Denim shorts, linen shorts, drawstring track shorts, my beloved Soffes—I’d wager shorts made up about 50% of my dresser drawers. But somewhere between getting older (where I spend most of my time in more formal settings) and moving to the East Coast (which sees significantly fewer warm-weather days), my shorts count has whittled down to a few fraying pairs of denim cutoffs. While they’re useful for beach getaways, my 10-year-old jean shorts feel too informal to make a proper outfit from. 

Enter my obsession with saving every stylish shorts ensemble I come across on Instagram. The fashion crowd has been taking to the silhouette more and more over the last few months. With the right styling and the right cut, shorts are proving to be an aspirational option. It helps that brands have been releasing chic…

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