How to Style Your Top With a Bra That’s Made to Be Seen


Some bras are just made to be seen. You can’t deny your bras with fun floral patterns and sequins the spotlight — they’re practically begging for it! But we are most fond of the latest lingerie trends, and they include showing a hint of your bra in the subtlest ways. Some of the outfits we rounded up ahead, we’d be more inclined to wear while lounging at home, but others — like the sheer black top and bralette combo, for example — can be taken to the streets if worn the right way. These are the looks that come with undeniable sex appeal but can be styled tastefully. It’s an art!

Try high-waisted mom jeans with your see-through blouse, for example, and a nice sturdy boot that grounds out the look. Accessorizing may also do the trick, so as to distract from your lacy neckline and make more of an altogether fashion statement. Ahead, we’re showing you how to master the easy…

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