How to Use the Tabletop Test to Measure Shoe Health


When you think of shoes that aren’t great for your feet, silhouettes like sky-high stilettos probably come to mind. Yes, of course, said styles can be troublesome, but so can shoes you think would be okay for your foot health, like everyday sneakers, for example. After recently catching up with a podiatrist Benjamin Tehrani, DPM, of Kings Point Foot & Ankle in Los Angeles and creator of Nerve Assist, he explained to me the simple “tilting test” you can do at home as a way to measure shoe health to help prevent nagging and sometimes serious foot issues.

The idea is essentially to place your sneakers on a flat surface so the soles are at eye level. Tehrani says, “When you place the shoe on the flat surface, run an imaginary line from the back of the shoe, all the way to the bottom. If the line is not perpendicular to the imaginary line with the flat surface, then you…

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