How to Wash Bras by Hand (And in the Washer, If You Must)


Lingerie designer Mary Young gave us tips on how to wash your bras without ruining them

There’s a pretty good chance you haven’t washed your bras in a while. We’re busy, we’re lazy and washing our dainty delicates is a pain in the ass. No judgment! But if you want to keep things fresh, ward off bacne and lengthen the lifespan of your bras, it should be a habit.

For bra washing 101, we talked to Mary Young, founder of her eponymous and ethically made Montreal lingerie brand, for expert advice on how to keep your bras clean, soft and in tip-top shape—or at least not *totally* nasty.

How often should I wash my bras?

“Ideally, you want to wash your bra every four to six wears,” says Young. “If the bra is padded or made with a polyester material, you definitely want to wash it every four wears as these materials are not breathable and hold…

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