How to Wear Low-Rise Jeans in 2020


If you wore jeans in the early-to-mid 2000s, there’s a very good chance that they were low-rise. But as the years went by, the rises went up (and up, and up). It’s now 2020, and one of Levi’s most popular styles is its Ribcage Jeans. Despite this, there seems to be a desire to let belly buttons get some air, because I’ve encountered more and more celebs wearing low-rise jeans as of late, and I think this is just the beginning.

Unlike the last time low-rise jeans were popular and it wasn’t uncommon to see celebs wearing very tight, very low jeans with tiny crop tops, most of the low-rise jean outfits I’ve been seeing are infinitely more wearable. The jeans and pants are typically much looser, which adds to the effortless look, and the items paired with them are more polished and sophisticated. Still not completely convinced? I hear you. Keep scrolling to see how seven very…

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