How to Wear Robes Outside the House


Typically, I live in NYC, but due to the pandemic, I’ve been crashing at my mom’s in California for the past four months. I’ve picked up on her daily habits. The more obvious ones being: green tea when you wake up, fold laundry immediately out of the dryer, and clean the kitchen before you leave the house. What I’m still shocked by, but enjoy more day by day, is the robe culture she’s established in our house. She has satin robes, cotton robes, robes from her childhood, and robes she wore in her first year married to my dad.

Occasionally, she’ll wear a robe deep into the afternoon, claiming in her heavy South African accent, “it keeps my kidneys warm.” I naturally run warm, so I was a bit hesitant to follow in her footsteps. But after months in the same baggy sweatpants, I longed for the feminine vibes she, and so many others, exude in robes. Needless to say, I recently conformed….

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