I Asked Perfumers How to Find the Perfect Scent Online—Their Tips Surprised Me


Shopping for the perfect fragrance can already be a big undertaking. You have to think about what kind of mood or aura or vibe you want. Do you want to go with something that’s floral, spicy, fruity, musky? Is it going to be an everyday scent or something you wear for special occasions? There’s a lot to think about and consider. And that’s just testing the fragrances IRL—shopping online for perfume can be even more complicated. The biggest (and most obvious) downside is you can’t actually smell what you’re buying until it’s delivered to your home. Why hasn’t anyone perfected smell-o-vision technology yet?

Right now, though, it’s kind of our only option. So to figure out how to navigate shopping for a fragrance online when you can’t sniff before you buy, I asked perfumers and fragrance experts for their tips. Spoiler alert: There are some points you probably never thought of…

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