I Learned Everything I Need to Know About Sneakers From Lena Waithe


As a creator/producer/actor, what attracted you to a streaming platform like Quibi?

I think a big thing is [Jeffrey] Katzenberg and his passion for it and the fact that he has always been at the forefront of a new frontier and is never afraid to try something new and innovative and take big swings. I just really believed in his vision and what he was trying to do, and I said, “Look. I’ll take that swing with you.” I talked to my partner, who actually had the show set up somewhere else, and we just decided to roll with him. To me, I think he was one of the biggest selling points because of how he has navigated this business and how he really is a big part of how we take in entertainment. 

You are a self-proclaimed sneakerhead. You even mentioned in the first episode that you likened purchasing your first sneakers to winning your first Emmy! How long had you been…

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