I Lost My Job to COVID—But Found My Personal Style Again


Scrolling through an iPhone camera roll is the 21st century version of flipping through the pages of a metal ring-bound photo album and romanticizing times that felt much simpler. In 2020, a miserable year that feels more and more like a literal epoch, waxing nostalgic about The Before—a period that I can’t help but refer to as “when things were normal”—has become an international pastime, and at this point, looking back at snapshots of life pre-pandemic can feel borderline masochistic. We had places to go inside, lower halves of faces to see, and things to do (and touch) without fear of spreading disease as easily as melted margarine. 

I’ve embraced this digitized pursuit of nostalgia, especially when I’m distraught by small but nevertheless frustrating battles that remind me of The Now. For instance, my inability to write this essay from the…

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