I Tried Everlane’s First-Ever Leggings—Here’s My Review


From the very beginning, Everlane has been one of those rare brands in which every new item that drops is met with high anticipation. Compared to other brands, it doesn’t really have a ton of products at any given time, so you know that the utmost thought and testing are going into each and every piece they put their name on. Which brings us to today’s major launch: the $58 Perform Leggings.

As you know, the leggings market is very saturated, but certain styles consistently stand out from the pack, and I think Everlane’s first-ever performance leggings are going to do just that. How do I know? I was one of the first people to get to try the chic, sustainable, chemical-free and affordable leggings.

While I’m not someone who wears leggings very often for lounging, I do wear them a good four times a week for working out, and my standards are high. I prefer leggings that are…

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