I Tried the Katie Holmes Cashmere Bra Look


Katie Holmes wore a cashmere bralette to hail a cab on a Friday in Manhattan last September, and here we are still talking about it. So why did a pretty dressed-down outfit (by celebrity standards) generate almost as much conversation as Jennifer Lopez’s bedazzled bra at the Super Bowl halftime show? I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot. I mean that really as a matter of fact; it’s occupied a lot of space in my brain as I think about the clothes I want to wear and what I want them to communicate to the world about me. I think Katie was saying something like (and clearly I’m paraphrasing here), “I’m sexy, but comfortable and confident in my own skin, and I don’t have to try too hard.” Basically, “I’m sexy without being too obvious or drawing too much attention.” And I thought, yeah, that’s my kind of sexy, too.

In a new interview for her April cover with InStyle (in which the…

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