I Tried This New Beauty Supplement for 30 Days and It Replaced My Makeup Routine


If you’ve followed along with me here on Who What Wear, you probably know that I struggle with my skin. And if you haven’t, welcome! I’m Who What Wear’s beauty editor, and stubborn acne is my complexion’s default setting. It’s something I’ve struggled with since college (somehow, I had impeccably clear, smooth skin all through my childhood and high school), and I’ve tried virtually everything under the sun to help abate the situation. Some products, treatments, and supplements have proven themselves quite capable, but I’ve also experienced my fair share of skin fails. C’est la vie, and I’ve pretty much come to accept the fact I will more than likely never have the clear, perfectly poreless skin of my dreams. Alas, that certainly doesn’t mean I won’t try!

I’ve always been a huge fan of Moon Juice, and if you took a peep at my pantry, fridge, and beauty drawers, you’d find the brand…

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