If Probiotic Skincare Feels a Little "What the Heck," We Finally Have Answers


Over the past few years, I’ve noticed an increasing number of similarities between my kitchen cupboard’s collection of supplements and my bathroom counter’s collection of skincare. CBD, vitamin C, caffeine, adaptogens, superfoods like spirulina and goji berries, and probiotics comprise the nutrient-dense ingredient lists of my tinctures, jars, and bottles—regardless of where in my apartment they’re situated. However, just because a particular ingredient takes off in the wellness or skincare world (or both), that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s effective or worthwhile. Quality matters, sourcing matters, and how a product is formulated matters. Sometimes, even the way or order in which we apply or consume a product matters. The beauty and wellness industries are driven by buzz, trends, and an inarguable bandwagon mentality, so it’s not surprising the territory of true product and…

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