I’m Obsessed With & Other Stories Right Now—Here’s Everything I’m Buying


Want to know my best online shopping tip? I have a secret Pinterest board where I pin everything I’m considering buying. Once I can see everything together, I can visually compare the pieces and decide what I want the most—and then I pull the trigger. It’s super helpful for prioritizing my money and not giving in to impulse buys. Lately, every time I glance over at my Pinterest board, there’s one retailer that’s dominating my wish list: & Other Stories.

The retailer has been on a roll with beautiful, well-priced priced items that tap into current trends without being too literal. They’ve got all the biggest color trends (like lilac) as well as the shapes du jour, such as puff sleeves and square necklines. No, I promise this isn’t a #ad—I literally just wanted to share everything I’ve been pinning to my personal Pinterest board. Scroll down to shop my favorite & Other…

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