I’m Pretty Much Losing It Over These 37 New H&M Items


If you think I had an online shopping problem prior to being quarantined, you’d be right, but unfortunately, my need to stalk all of my favorite retailers has only gotten worse since my social distancing began. It’s quite unfortunate for me but could actually come in handy for you. In an effort to spare you from hours of clicking through dozens of open tabs of products you want but probably don’t need, I did all the work for you.

One of my favorite retailers to head to when I’m in need of a quick session of retail therapy is H&M. Why? Because everything is affordable and approachable while still offering a current selection of trends. While scrolling through today, I was somehow more impressed than I usually am, and that’s saying something.

Since we are all hopefully staying inside and working from home if we have the privilege, our need for “normal” clothing has definitely…

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