Is Foundation Bad For Skin? Plus, Other Makeup Myths


No matter where you get your beauty info from—whether it’s magazines, social media or good ol’ word of mouth—it’s safe to say that the abundance of sources and information available at any given time has made things, well, pretty confusing. With so much info at our fingertips, it can be tricky to differentiate between what’s factual and what isn’t. That’s where we come in. We’ve tapped the top pros in every area of the beauty industry, from hair care to skincare to makeup and more, to bust some common myths and shed light on what you *actually* need to know.

Of all of the makeup categories, foundation is the one that’s arguably had the biggest glow-up in recent years. Its most notable upgrade has been the long-overdue expansion in shade ranges offered by (most) brands, which has been referred to as the Fenty Effect, following the popularity of…

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