Is Peter’s Mom Barb Weber the Worst Bachelor Villain Ever?


Peter’s mom has become the real villain of season 24

There is a new villain on season 24 of The Bachelor—and her name is Barbara Weber. On part one of this season’s two-part finale, Bach nation was *finally* given the moment they’d been waiting for all season and found out who the heck Peter’s mom is talking about bringing home! ICYMI, the now-iconic clip has been about as much airtime this season as Madi’s Peppa Pig eyelashes.

The clip in question (which will now be running through my end on loop until the end of time), features Bachelor lead Peter Weber’s mom, Barbara, literally sobbing as she tells Pilot Pete to “bring her home to us.” It’s honestly bonkers and *seemed* super emotional and climactic. And, up until the March 9 episode, a lot of fans in Bachelor nation thought they knew who mama Weber was talking about: final…

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