It Doesn’t Matter That Jessica Mulroney Is BFFs With Meghan Markle


We can’t excuse people from racism because they have a Black friend

Meghan Markle may have left the UK in part to escape unfair media scrutiny, but the Duchess is back in the public eye once again—this time for incidents that she isn’t even a part of. On June 10, Toronto-based influencer Sasha Exeter took to Instagram to share what she calls her own “Amy Cooper” experience. (ICYMI, Amy Cooper is the white woman who threatened to call the police on a Black man who was bird-watching in NYC’s Central Park in late May.) Exeter—a Black woman—has been extremely vocal with her followers about the Black Lives Matter movement, detailing her own experiences with racism, including being called the N-word just two weeks ago while walking with her daughter.

In the new video, Exeter recounts a recent exchange with Canadian TV personality and…

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