It’s Time To Bask In The Influence of Emma Chamberlain


Nerves are par for the course going into any celebrity interview, but when Emma Chamberlain’s charismatic smile emerged on my laptop screen, I was immediately put at ease. She sat propped up in bed, her platinum hair contrasted against a big black hoodie. “I shouldn’t have worn black,” she laughed, nodding to her orange-haired cat Declan who casually walked back and forth across her keyboard. If this were any other day and the purpose of our call wasn’t to discuss the social media star’s meteoric rise, I felt like I could have been catching up with an old friend. Chamberlain just has a way of breaking down barriers like that.

By now, most people understand that Chamberlain is not your typical 19-year-old. She’s not even your typical 19-year-old celebrity, with her community of over 30 million followers across multiple platforms, an ongoing partnership with Louis…

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