I’ve Been Told I’m a Tiger Mom, But It’s Not By Choice


It’s the Saturday before a long weekend, before the COVID-19 pandemic spread and the entire world changed. I’m at a trampoline park in Aurora, Ont. with several other parents, all relaxing and talking as they watch their kids run wild, jumping and playing to their heart’s content. And here I am, huddled in a corner on a makeshift chair, a ledge with enough room for me to lean against, laptop out, laser focused on my screen and typing away.

From the trampoline, my daughter is yelling: “Mommy, mommy, 1-2-3 eyes on me, eyes on me mommy.” For a moment I pause, obey her instructions and focus on my daughter as she shows me how she can bounce, leap off of the wall and do a spin. I give her a quick thumbs up and look back at my laptop, but not before I see the other parents eye me and shake their heads, likely wondering what work is so important that this…

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