Jennifer Lopez Wore the Shorts Trend to Ditch Cutoffs For


Anyone else miss Jennifer Lopez’s epic street style moments right about now? You know we do. But until red carpets and street style are a thing again, we have Instagram and the occasional walk around the neighborhood as our opportunities to see what celebrities are wearing. Lopez is currently with her family in Miami, and went outside momentarily wearing shorts. Her timing is perfect, as it’s quickly becoming too warm for a wardrobe of just sweatpants and leggings, so let’s talk about shorts.

As you know, pleated pants and jeans were deemed somewhat controversial up until recently, but everyone started wearing them last year, including J.Lo. So it’s only natural that she’d wear the shorts version of the trend now that it’s a balmy 88 degrees in Miami (and other parts of the country). It’s another signal that denim cut-offs continue to fall by the wayside as Bermuda…

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