John B’s Beach Day Button-Up Shirt in Outer Banks Episode 1


Full disclosure: at the time I’m writing this, I have only watched one episode of Netflix’s Outer Banks, which, understandably, is all the rage right now. Aside from being filmed in a beach town, thereby providing a method of “vacation escapism” when our world could really use it, it’s also a story of friendship that fans hope to follow into a second season.

With a beach town comes beach shirts, and in the first episode alone, John B, played by Chase Stokes, already set my heart on fire with his Duvin Design Co. Beach Day Buttonup. Naturally, the moment I saw it, I paused the episode (no, I couldn’t wait until the credits rolled) and did some careful digging. The shirt, which retails for $63 and features a crew of ladies sunbathing, is currently sold out, but you can enter your email to receive updates about restocking information. You can be sure that when that email pops into my…

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