July 2020 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for You


Saturn, ruler of time, boundaries and restrictions, has been retrograde since early May, backtracking through airy Aquarius. On July 1, the planet will slide into Capricorn, where it will stay until December 17. After that, Saturn won’t return to Capricorn until 2047.

It’s significant that the start of July marks Saturn’s final visit in Capricorn for some time to come. When planets retrograde, they offer an opportunity to take another look at a specific area of your life. Think of a retrograde as a time to get something right the second time around. The universe is giving you another chance, but those lessons don’t always come easily—retrogrades have a way of pushing you to do the work you’ve been putting off, as they tend to highlight the areas of your life that need the most TLC.

The pandemic has pushed a lot of us to shift priorities and look at what…

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