Justin and Hailey Bieber Are Quarantining in Canada


The air *is* fresher up here

With the spread of COVID-19, people around the world are staying in their homes in an effort to flatten the curve. For some people, physical distancing means toughing it out in a shoebox-sized apartment in cities like Toronto or New York, for others (a.k.a. celebs), it means hunkering down on Disneyland-sized properties in Calabasas. And for Justin and Hailey Bieber, it means making the trek north of the border to shack up at their Cambridge, Ont. home. Don’t believe us? We have some pretty A+ proof…plus, they’ve pretty much explicitly said it. Here, a very serious investigation into all the evidence that the Biebers are quarantining in Canada.

Hailey Bieber posted about being unable to watch HBO’s Insecure

You haven’t truly experienced living in Canada until you’ve had trouble accessing streaming content. On…

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