Keep It Cute with Honey’s Child Boutique


We are so excited to continue to support and show love to various plus size businesses, especially now. Earlier, we introduced you to Rachel of Secondhand Curves, a plus size resell boutique and today? We head over to St Louis to bring you Letitia at Honey’s Child Boutique!

In the plus size fashion space, indie business owners are the backbone of our community. These brands, designers, and businesses challenge status quo and push the envelope. Right?


Image via brand

With that, we wanted to reach out to a plus size boutique who has supported us throughout the years and check in with St. Louis to chat with the founder of Honey’s Child Boutique, Letitia! Known for her choice of bold hues, little black and the use of diverse models, Honey’s Child Boutique has been rocking and leading the boutique space for over 9 years! 

So, if you are still shopping online, through the “Safe…

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