Kendall Jenner Wore the Affordable Birkenstocks We All Want


Kendall Jenner’s style appears to be just as chill as ours is this summer, if you can believe it. While heading out for coffee this week in L.A., Jenner kept it very simple with a white tank top and mid-length black denim shorts, and everyone’s favorite $45 Birkenstocks. That’s right, $45. They’re not leather but they honestly kind of look like they are, they’re waterproof, they’re for sale on Nordstrom, and now they’re celebrity-approved.

As you’ll see in this story, there are quite a few current trends that work perfectly with Birkenstocks, but we’re of the thinking that they work the very best with the simplest of summer outfits, like Jenner’s white tank and denim shorts. This is especially true this summer, when comfort is key and most outings just consist of errands and outdoor walks. This editor, for one, has worn Birkenstocks more times than I care to admit this…

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