Kheris Rogers Talks Flexin In My Complextion


At just 13, Kheris Rogers is already enjoying a thriving career. She’s an actor, influencer, business owner, and freshly signed artist to Columbia Records’ new girl group, Run The World. Spend a few minutes scrolling through Kheris’s feed and you will quickly see her self-assurance, individuality, and personality shining through. However, this is something that she has grown into throughout childhood.

A few years ago, after she was bullied at school for her complexion, Kheris’s family encouraged her to begin daily affirmations to build up her confidence. She found the practice incredibly effective and rewarding. There was something empowering about being able to transform her negative experience into something positive and self-affirming. She wanted to share her growing sense of strength with the world and, in doing so, help others who might be dealing with similar situations.


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