Lance Storm reveals whether he would wrestle one last match in AEW


Lance Storm was one of the producers furloughed by WWE back in April after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Storm was recently a guest on Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez. A fan asked Storm during te Q&A session about the possibility of wrestling Chris Jericho in a retirement match and whether he would be open to doing that with AEW.

Here’s what Storm had to say:

Well, the idea of the match was mine. I had mentioned it for years and I think the first time I did Jericho’s podcast, we were wrapping up the show and he mentioned about ‘are you gonna have another match or are you done’ because I was [teaching] at the school already. I had mentioned that I had always wanted to do my last match with [Jericho]. I always thought it would be cool to have my first and my last match with the same guy.

I could have done it if I had just stayed retired after One Night Stand. But at that time…

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