Laura Harrier Plays Dress-Up In Our Zoom Photo Shoot


Harrier is the spitting image of a modern-Hollywood icon. With her soulful brown eyes and regal 5’9” frame, it’s almost as if she stepped right out of a black-and-white picture and into the present day, a comparison which she readily offered. “I relate to Camille on a lot of levels,” she told me, calling attention to the elements of her experience as an emerging actress that parallel what her character went through, be it the curious way she landed the role (more on that soon) or something as big as race and representation in Hollywood. “Had I been born 80 years earlier,” she continued, this time with more urgency, “my life could have been very similar to hers. Obviously, we’re from different places and times—she grew up in coal country in the Depression, and I grew up in suburban Chicago—but I feel really connected with her, her drive and her wish to…

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