Leather Burmuda Shorts Are the Season’s Newest Micro-Trend


Every once in a while, rather than me having to stalk Instagram, scan through street style images, and check every shopping site under the sun in order to uncover (and validate) a new trend, one will just find me. It’s actually a great feeling having to do a little less work, and as you could have guessed, the aforementioned scenario is very much the case with the topic of today’s post: long leather shorts. In fact, it didn’t just present itself to me—it felt more like I was being stalked (but in a good way).

I first noticed them on the streets in February, then bubbling up on my feed shortly thereafter, and now, it seems like there’s not a single site or brand that doesn’t have at least one pair in its offerings. I know this because I check them all multiple times a day, for work, of course.

Whether it’s a Bermuda cut or something slightly longer (taking it into the culotte…

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