Leopard Maxi Dress For Women at Old Navy


Just like doing my hair or spending extra time grooming my eyebrows, putting in the extra effort to find something cute to wear — even if I’m just working from home and in sweats — has the ability to affect my mood. There’s certainly no replacement for stylish loungewear, but I was curious as to what would happen if I challenged myself to wear a dress while working from home — weather dependent, of course. In part because I kept seeing this adorable printed maxi dress in my Instagram feed, which I’ll link to ahead, but also because I was just genuinely curious about whether I’d feel silly wearing a dress inside, or if I’d love it.

I’m happy to report that last week, I wore a thin maxi dress inside three times! Not only was I completely comfortable (important note that I only wore easy-breezy dresses; nothing formfitting), but exuded a bit more pep throughout my day. I…

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