Let Me Tell You About Polène, the Handbag Brand French Girls Obsess Over


I like to think that in another life I was born a French girl. I can see myself in my little apartment, writing articles at my desk and looking très chic in fall’s latest fashions (with a croissant from my favorite patisserie by my side, of course). Even though I’m stuck in California living my American life, I can at least try and dress like a Parisienne while I’m here.

Since I follow a handful of French influencers, I like to think I’m pretty well-versed on what’s trending over there. And I know there’s been one handbag brand that’s been popular among the cool girls: Polène. So I did a deep dive into the designer and within minutes I had sent a handful of Slacks to my co-workers with links to my favorite under-$500 bucket bags, totes, and crossbodies. Curious to see what I chatted them? Keep scrolling to see the five styles I have my eye on.

Psst: NYC fashion people,…

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