Lingerie Trends to Wear Right Now


Lingerie is one of those feel-good categories that we often romanticize. Sure, it’s literally a romantic category, from lacy bras to cute undies and silky slips. Still, when we think about it, we’re not actually wearing those superpretty pieces all that often. That is, for comfort anyway. And right now, we’re all about at-home style, which means lots of leisurewear, from sweats to hoodies and leggings. Pragmatic unmentionables like seamless thongs, cotton briefs, and soft bralettes are the usual standbys that we pair with such attire, which got us thinking: what lingerie trends can we rock at home that are comfy, too?

Naturally, we took our quest to Instagram to scroll through all of the recent cozy outfit snaps that some of our favorite celebrity and fashion influencers have been posting from home. We quickly realized there are a ton of cute, loungewear-inspired lingerie trends…

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