Listen To Your Heart Episode 2 Recap: Sharleen Joynt’s POV


If I were to have given last week’s premiere a nine out of 10, this episode gets a 6.5. That’s not to say it was downright terrible, but it became apparent last night that what we’re destined for with Listen To Your Heart isn’t so different from another season of Paradise, except with talent and air conditioning. Call me an optimist, but in terms of premise and format, I was hoping for something a bit more off-the-beaten-path, something to leverage these folks’ musical abilities. There is SO much to work with here, so many new options for how eliminations, newcomers and competition amongst contestants could work. Yet, with a formula identical to Paradise, it would appear the show insists on *not* reinventing itself.

The most Paradise-y thing to occur last night was Natasha. With her polished appearance and confident strut, she even looked different from…

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