Listen To Your Heart Episode 4 Recap: Sharleen Joynt’s POV


At this point I suppose I should expect a rollercoaster of emotions when I tune in to Listen To Your Heart. Last night really ran the gamut with developments ranging from delight- to downright rage-inducing. I’ll start with the good but, I swear, unlike last week this recap ends on a positive note!

The good: This week’s bottom two were legitimately the bottom two in terms of performance. I appreciated how the judges didn’t ONLY focus on things like eye contact, and how they associated a poor performance with nerves, NOT a lack of romance in the relationship. Notice how the most skilled singers (Rudi, Natascha) weren’t really criticized for any lack of “connection” with their partner; if anything, it felt like romance was just an excuse to call out weaker players for not being more exceptional. When it came down to Julia and Brandon versus Jamie and…

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