Loose Trousers Are the Latest “Ugly” Trend Eclipsing Jeans


While spring definitely feels like the time to embrace all things pretty à la florals and eyelet, there’s an underlying “ugly-cool” aesthetic on the rise—and we have an unlikely style star to thank for it: our grandparents. We’ve shared before just how popular the “grandma” dressing trend is, but it’s about time that grandpa fashion started to steal the spotlight, too, and after reporting on the grandpa jeans trend we noticed fashion people embracing a similar style that we’re dubbing “grandpa” trousers.

What are “grandpa” trousers exactly, you ask? They’re defined by a loose-fitting shape, and usually feature a high-rise and come in a number of “boring” color schemes like tweed, plaid, grey, brown, and beige. So basically, they’re the epitome of practical dressing and fashion people are doubling down on that vibe by wearing them with other closet staples like…

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