Luxury Gifts Dupes: 15 Opulent Gift Ideas + 15 Cheaper Options


2020 has mostly sucked. Treat someone you love (that includes yourself) to a fancy gift…or at least something that looks fancy

Save for the U.S. election results—a very off-brand-for-2020 glimmer of hope amongst the year’s usual trash—it’s been a tough one. And the global pandemic will likely mean a different kind of holiday season for us all, too. If you can’t be with your friends and family, all the more reason to do some socially-distant spoiling and send them ridiculously fancy gifts, right?

Maybe you have someone on your list whose life won’t be complete without designer fuzzy slippers. Or perhaps someone who needs a little sparkle in the form of a five-figure piece of bling? Or how about an at-home gym setup to replace those missed spin classes? We’ve got you, and them, covered. 

But, if all that sounds a little too $$$ for the…

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