March 2020 Horoscopes: What’s in Store For Your Sign?


(Illustration: Elham Numan)

Things can get slippery when Mercury retrogrades through a water sign like Pisces. You may feel like your head is foggy and your thoughts are underwater these days. Conversations can get distorted and words can easily be taken out of context. But there is a silver lining to every Mercury retrograde, which is to remind you to take your time and slow down whenever possible. Be aware of where you tend to push yourself too hard, and look at whether you’re forcing something to happen that isn’t quite ready yet. 

In this 24/7 world where you’re expected to optimize every moment of every day, retrograde is nature’s reminder that rest, reflection and relaxation are just as important as whatever’s on your to-do list. Use this month to focus on passion projects like art or journaling, or some deep self-care work. Stay flexible and…

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