May 2020 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for You


Before 2020 even began, there were high expectations that this would be a game-changing year.

The powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12 was expected to bring a paradigm shift within our personal and collective realities. Meeting up in the sign of Capricorn, these two heavy-hitting planets were putting us on notice that the structures, routines and ways we work were coming up for re-evaluation. Astrologers around the world reflected on what this could mean. Economic downturns, recessions and environmental concerns were common theories surrounding changes to expect in 2020. While those are heavy themes, the silver lining was that this year would also bring deep, personal transformation and important awakenings on an individual and collective level.

Astrology helps us to see the energy of something, the potential of it—but not necessarily how it will show…

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