MedZone, the Owners of Zone Naturals to Create Hand Sanitizers!


and In this time of uncertainty, there are always stories, programs, and actions that brands take that show us where their values are. One of those brands is Medzone, the brand behind all things Chub Rub and Zone Naturals.

What are they doing that is kind of cool? They are switching operations up to join the various of companies now creating hand sanitizer. Taking a step from LVMH and various Beer brands, MedZone is doing their part to help fight the spread of coronavirus.

With the increase in market need for sanitizers and hand hygiene products, MedZone has created a new line of products. These include a hand sanitizing gel, hand sanitizing spray and foaming hand sanitizers.

MedZone adds Hand Sanitizers to its Lineup

Image via MedZone

Starting today, March 23rd, you will be able to preorder your own hand sanitizers on and shortly, at national retailers. 

 “We are in…

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