Meet the 7 Fresh Faces on Our Radar This Fall


WHO: Colby Minifie

WHAT: When Colby Minifie isn’t busy running PR for a group of corrupt superheroes (trust—it’s no easy feat) in Amazon’s hit series The Boys, she’s fighting off zombies and leading a group of hostile post-apocalyptic survivors in AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. Two very different roles, but a perfect example of Minifie’s range as a performer and her brilliance on screen. In addition to starring in two major fall TV shows this year, the 28-year-old also checked off an item on her career bucket list, appearing in Charlie Kauffman’s latest mind-bender, I’m Thinking of Ending of Things, streaming now on Netflix.  

I knew The Boys was something special when… I read it. I wasn’t over the moon about the prospect of another superhero show at first, but it’s so well written—even the stage directions are hilarious—that by the middle of the…

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