Meet the 8 It Bags and Shoes for Summer 2020


Bags and shoes, what’s not to love? These essential accessory categories (though small in size) are the true heroes of any woman’s wardrobe. On the handbag front, a purse is an everyday companion that not only serves as a functional piece to carry all your stuff in but is also a way to stylishly tie your whole outfit together. The same thing goes for shoes. If you’ve invested in versatile, inspiring footwear, then the likelihood of running out of outfit ideas is low. All this to say that we’re big fans of bags and shoes, which is why we have our eye on the upcoming It options for summer.

Turning to Instagram and our favorite designers, we came up with a list of eight It bags and shoes we suspect will be all the rage later this summer (regardless if you’re in your living room while working from home or, hopefully soon, out and about). Continue ahead to discover and shop your…

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