Michelle Obama Netflix: Everything You Need To Know


When award-winning documentary filmmaker Nadia Hallgren met Michelle Obama in 2018, she only had 30 minutes to make an impression. No pressure, right?

“We talked about where we came from, how it shaped who we are and, of course, we talked about our mothers,” Hallgren said in a Netflix press release. “After 30 minutes, she said, ‘Let’s do this.’”

The result is Netflix’s latest high-profile release Becoming, which promises viewers a “rare and up-close look” at the life of the former first lady during her 34-city book tour. (The Obamas signed a multi-year production deal with Netflix in 2018). Like her bestselling 2018 memoir by the same name, the documentary details Obama’s experience growing up on the South Side of Chicago, attending Princeton University (despite a high school guidance counsellor who told her she wasn’t “Princeton…

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