Milia Treatment & Removal: What Is Milia & How to Get Rid of It


Including how to treat those annoying little white bumps

Let’s play a game. What looks like a whitehead, feels like a whitehead, must be a whitehead—but doesn’t go away, can’t be popped or squeezed out and is therefore much more frustrating than a whitehead? If you guessed milia, you’ve hit the nail on the (not white)head.

We spoke to a dermatologist to learn everything there is to know about milia, those tiny white bumps that appear out of nowhere and set up camp on our faces, including (most importantly) how to get rid of them.

So, what exactly are milia? 

A milium cyst, called milia if there are multiple (heads up: there usually are—they often appear in groups) is a tiny, painless white bump that appears on the face. Less frequently, they can appear on other parts of your body, like your torso. Milia are “quite common and can appear…

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