Momona Tamada Interview: The Star on BSC and TATBILB


The BSC star is cool beyond her years

With classes back in session—at least virtually—in the midst of coronavirus, what once felt like an opportunity for a fresh start may not feel as exciting this year. On the bright side, all students are in the same boat: School’s back and no one’s particularly excited about it. 

To make up for that missed social connection of IRL lectures and tutorials, the next best thing is diving into some nostalgic TV that’ll remind you of simpler times and middle school hijinks. Enter: Netflix’s The Baby-Sitter’s Club. The feel-good adaptation is just as fun and inspiring as you remember from the iconic books by Ann M. Martin.

If you grew up reading the popular series, you probably wanted to be Claudia Kishi’s friend at some point. I mean, who can blame you? We still kind of want to emulate everything about…

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