Mrs. America Actress Kayli Carter on the Best and Worst ’70s Fashion Moments


You are vocal about women’s rights in your personal life. How did you sympathize with a character like Pamela?

I mean, I have a lot of sympathy for the situation that Pamela is going through throughout the show. I think there are experiences of being a new mother and feeling maybe ill-equipped or like you’re failing constantly. I think that’s a feeling women have oftentimes, and that, to me, was very easy to empathize with because I could tell that that woman was doing her best and not being recognized or appreciated. And beyond that, my goal is to disappear a little bit and to play that person from the inside out, and with any period piece, you just start closing doors off to yourself. I feel like that’s the way I got in is asking myself, what is my set of circumstances? What are the things that in 2020, as a woman, I have access to and am afforded, and what are the…

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