Muslim Dating App Review: I Tried Hawaya and Two Others


As a single Pakistani woman on the cusp of turning 23, whenever I talk to my relatives during family gatherings—which, due to the the 10,000+ kilometres between us, tend to be weddings—they excitedly inquire when I will amble down the proverbial aisle myself. However, I’m also a practicing Muslim. For anyone not in the know, this means that I’m not as free to pursue romantic relationships outside of marriage as my non-Muslim peers because Islam forbids emotional and physical intimacy before or outside of marriage (the idea being that intimacy requires trust and responsibility, two qualities marriage ideally entails).

While many practicing Muslims do date (without physical intimacy) in what is commonly referred to as “halal dating”—sometimes with but often without the knowledge of their parentsit’s not something that I’ve previously been…

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