My Eyebrows Doubled in Size After Making These 6 Sneaky Changes


My eyebrows and I been through a journey together. Though I’m naturally blessed—or rather, was naturally blessed at the time of my birth—with superbly bushy brows (thanks, Dad!), I surrendered to the tweezing craze all through high school and college. For years, not only was I convinced my super-skinny arches looked better than my natural fuller shape, (spoiler—they most certainly did not), but I also struggled with anxiety that led to me plucking and shaping my already stingy brows into further oblivion. Eek. Other faux pas? 10 coats of mascara and even more coats of bronzer…viewer discretion advised on the cringe-y photos further down!

To be honest, it wasn’t until I landed my dream gig as a beauty editor in Los Angeles almost two years ago that I became fully committed to rehabilitating the size and shape of my brows. All of a sudden, I had access to some of the best brow…

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