Naomi Watts’ Easy Beauty Routine and Skincare Must-Haves


Health and beauty are so intertwined—do you have any wellness practices or favorite supplements that help give you a boost both mentally and physically?

I’ve always loved Taryn Toomey’s classes. It’s a movement class, but I find it’s very much about the mind and spirit as well. It just flows in such an incredible way, and I’m usually able to take something away from the experience that’s pretty uplifting. Or it helps me feel what I need to feel at that given time. 

As far as supplements, I’ve been really into products from The Beauty Chef. I love adding the Hydration ($50) or Collagen Boosts ($50) to my water. Its Glow Inner Beauty Powder ($40) is also really great for the skin. 

You’ve recently entered your 50s—what’s your approach to aging, and what about this decade is most exciting to you?

Just being so in my body is exciting to me. I finished a film…

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