Nicole Kidman The Undoing Interview: Why It’s a Must-Watch


It’s pretty much a guarantee that anything Nicole Kidman stars in will be a hit—and that Kidman herself will be phenomenal in it. Because she’s Nicole Kidman, after all. From playing Satine in Moulin Rouge! to taking on Virginia Woolf in The Hours, Kidman has become ubiquitous for inhabiting the roles of complex women, both real and fictional. Most recently, the Australian actor drew accolades for her portrayal of Celeste Wright on HBO’s Big Little Lies, playing a wealthy, privileged woman from Monterey, California who, despite having a seemingly perfect existence, is hiding a private life most people couldn’t imagine. It’s a reality that Celeste herself can’t even imagine, and struggles to grapple with, during the show’s two seasons. And in much the same way, Kidman’s latest character, Grace Fraser, finds herself struggling to cope with the…

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